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Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Columbus Ohio

With their soft, silky coats and charming personalities, it’s no surprise that Yorkshire Terriers (or “Yorkies”) are such popular pets. In Ohio, there is no shortage of organizations dedicated to rescuing these pint-sized pooches – but how do you know which one is right for you? This blog post will look at some of the top Yorkie rescues in the Buckeye State.

Top 3 Yorkie Rescues in Ohio

Yorkie Rescues in Ohio


#1. Pawsitive Ohio Rescue.

Located in Canton, Pawsitive Ohio Rescue specializes in finding homes for small-breed dogs like Yorkies. All of their dogs are spayed/neutered before adoption and come with their health records. They also offer training classes for new pet owners and microchipping services to help keep your pup safe.


#2. Ohio Pet Placement Center.

This rescue organization is based out of New Albany and has been helping animals find forever homes since 2001. The team at OPPP offers foster care services and adoption counseling to ensure you make the best match between a pup and its potential owner. Their website features detailed information about each dog available for adoption, so you can get to know them better before bringing them home.


#3. Central Ohio Yorkie Rescue.

This nonprofit organization is dedicated solely to rescuing and rehoming Yorkies across Central Ohio. They have a network of foster homes throughout the region where they house pups until they are placed in permanent homes. The Central Ohio Yorkie Rescue team also offers educational seminars on responsible pet ownership and support services if you need help with training or other issues after adopting a pup from them.


Yorkie Rescues in OH


Conclusion: If you’re looking for a furry companion in Ohio, these three Yorkie rescues are an excellent place to start your search! Each one offers something different – whether it be training classes or adoption counseling – so take some time to research each before deciding which one is best for you and your pup. With so many great options available, it won’t be long before you find the perfect pooch for your home!



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