Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix Dog Breed History, Description, Personality, Health, Grooming, Exercise and Training

The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu. These loving and loyal dogs make the perfect companion dog. This pocket sized pet is loyal, active, and determined! Because the Shorkie is a mixed breed, its appearance will vary from dog to dog. The Shorkie is a rising star among the mixed breeds. Shorkies are a fairly low shedding breed in general. But they do have long hair, which can be quite high maintenance.

History of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

Shih Tzu was an American Shorthair developed in 1946 in what is now the United States. After the war, the Chinese government closed all dog breeding, resulting in a shortage of dogs. Scientists came up with the idea of combining the Chinese Schnauzer and the English Toy. From these two breeds came the Shorkie. Shih Tzu were actually bred in China by way of Britain. However, they were developed independently in the United States and the United Kingdom. Because of this, they share many of the same characteristics, aside from their color. Shih Tzu are very active dogs. The oldest breed of dogs in the world, they enjoy a job, as their name suggests, and they must work for it. The Shih Tzu breed is the smallest breed of dog in the world, weighing only 2.4 pounds on average.

Description of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

The Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix is a mix between a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu. These two large dogs came from opposite ends of the breeding spectrum. Although they are close relatives, they were bred to meet different needs. Many of their similarities are easy to see. They are very healthy. Yorkies are intelligent and confident, while Shih Tzus are usually laid back and easily pleased. The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix is a good choice for anyone looking for a dog that is friendly, energetic, and loyal. They are most active in the warmer months, and slow down in the colder months. They require exercise to keep their size down and prevent weight gain. Since they are small dogs, grooming and exercise is a big part of their life.

Personality of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

Most Shorkie breeders work with families who are responsible, responsible dog owners. This breed is a very loyal dog that is also quite independent and in tune with its surroundings. You can call them independent and stubborn, but I would call them dependable. These dogs can also be great with kids. The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix can also be a smart companion and a good watchdog. It is also a friendly breed that wants to be around its people all the time. It loves people, and is not picky about who they are or how they act around it. Dog food for Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix As a member of the toy and terrier breeds, the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix can be bred to have a height of only about 33 inches. They can have an ideal weight of about 17 pounds, but not more.

Temperament of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix is a happy and friendly dog that is both friendly and confident. This dog also loves to play with others and enjoy the life that it lives. A Shorkie will be the perfect companion for someone looking for a loyal and playful pet. Health of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix This particular mixed breed can live a long and healthy life. The Shorkie is very healthy in general. However, it does require a bit more care from owners, specifically when it comes to allergies and ear problems. A Shorkie will need regular visits to the vet. These types of concerns may get in the way of a few of its daily activities. Because of this, this is a very important aspect to consider when choosing a dog.

Health Issues of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix has a lot of health issues as with most dogs, but it also has several very special health issues. The most common health problems associated with a Yorkie Shih Tzu are lumps. Some Yorkies have cysts and bumps on their bodies. Sometimes these cysts turn out to be cancerous. Some of the more serious health issues associated with a Yorkie Shih Tzu include: • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) • Scoliosis • Hypothyroidism • Addison’s Disease • Aft-Rodent Allergy Syndrome • Undetermined Eosinophilic Esophagitis Behavior Issues of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix can be either a neurotic or a timid dog. This tiny dog is a lover. The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix requires a lot of affection and love. Likes The Yorkie Shih Tzu loves attention.

Grooming Needs of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

Shih Tzus tend to have very long hair and cannot be groomed as easily as a similar sized Yorkie. Due to the relatively short life of the breed, owners tend to put off grooming for as long as they can. A long, luxurious coat may be a complete nightmare to brush, moult, and groom for a Shorkie. Because it is not able to groom as effectively, hair mats may develop on the paws and tummy. As a result, the Shorkie may develop a skin condition known as an allergic skin condition. Mange is another ailment which occurs in a Shorkie with dry, heat resistant coats. It causes hair loss and a matted coat. This condition may be quite painful to the Shorkie and may require specialist grooming services for treatment.

Training Needs of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

The Yorkie Shih Tzu mix will need a lot of attention and training. It will need a good playmate and a lot of exercise. These dogs are known for playing too hard and too often. Their playful disposition makes them seem like they have ADD, not to mention the hard play they take part in. This is especially true if you own a Yorkie Shih Tzu mix. This is especially true if you own a Yorkie Shih Tzu mix. Finding the right dog for you will be as easy as finding your most favorite toy. Because Yorkies can get bored easily, you will need a toy that does not tire them out. And so, you need a toy that is not too big and not too small. You will need a toy that gives them a good workout without leaving them too tired to enjoy their playtime.

Exercise Needs of the Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

Shorkies require moderate exercise. As in any dog breed, your daily walks with your Shorkie should not be limited to just daily outings. Besides getting enough exercise, Shorkies are likely to have medical issues. However, if you exercise your Shorkie on a regular basis, its short-term and long-term health will improve significantly. Yorkie Shih Tzu owners often let their pets roam freely around the house. The dogs should always be supervised at all times so that they do not wander off and get lost. Like most pet owners, Shorkie owners are also very fond of their pets. It is great to see your dog take a keen interest in playing with your other household pets. However, remember to do not leave your Shorkie alone with the family pet.