Free Yorkie Shopping List

Yorkies need just about as much preparation as a baby. The excitement of getting a new Yorkie baby can be overwhelming. Now that you’ve purchased your new little baby, you will need to do some shopping.

Here is a list of things we recommend with # 1 being the Most Important and Must Have Item.

1. Nutrical ** You can find this at your local vet office or Petco or pet smart in the vitamin department

2. Diamond Puppy Food Dry Kibble.

3. Gerber baby food in a jar (chicken/gravy) 4-5 jars

4. Little Caesar’s Puppy Food (you can mix a little bit with the kibble if you want to feed wet food).

3. Dog bowl for water, dishes for food

4. A fluffy bed. Yorkies really like to snuggle, so a snuggle type bed would be perfect.

5. A Dog crate (not too big and not too small).

7. Chew Toys: Kong, Pigs Ears, Nylabone are just a few of the names brands and types of chew toys.

8. Leash, harness, Collar.  A harness and very lightweight leash. Never use a collar on a Yorkie, they are delicate little dogs and a harness is so much better, plus they are adorable looking wearing them.

9. A warm coat. Yorkies do not care for the cold, the wind or the rain. So button their little bodies up and keep them warm.

10. Toothbrush and toothpaste. This is especially important if you feed your Yorkie wet food.

11. Comb and a Brush. Small elastic bands for ponytails. Hair Bows to play dress up.

12. Tearless Puppy Shampoo. It’s easy to get them to enjoy bathing by making is pleasant and giving them a reward such as a small piece of cheese (during and after). Never put water or soap on your Yorkies’ face. Wet a washcloth with warm water and clean it that way and only that way. After a few times in the sink, your Yorkie will learn that bathy bath time is fun!

13. ID tag (you can get these from most any pet supply store)

14. Blanket. A soft and warm blanket for sleeping and cuddle time.

15. Baby gate. If you need to keep your Yorkie puppy within a specific area a baby gate is ideal for this.

16. Nail clippers.

17. Ear cleaner.

18. Puppy Pads

19. Urine cleaner

20. Plenty of paper towels

21. Disinfectant

Yorkie Shopping List
Yorkie Shopping List

We will be posting more articles and information about puppies and other cool stuff real soon!

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