Yorkie vs Teacup Yorkie

Introduction: Yorkie vs Teacup Yorkie- what’s the difference? A lot of people don’t know there is a difference, but there is! In this post, we’re going to break it down for you and help you decide which one is best for you and your furry friend. Keep reading to learn more!

Yorkie vs Teacup Yorkie

Yorkie vs Teacup Yorkie
Yorkie vs Teacup Yorkie

1. What is the Difference between a Yorkie and Teacup Yorkie?

When considering adding a Yorkshire Terrier to your family, you may come across the term “teacup Yorkie.” But what exactly is a teacup Yorkie? And what are the pros and cons of owning one?

A teacup Yorkie is simply a very small Yorkshire Terrier. While there is no official definition of a “teacup Yorkie,” they are typically smaller than 4 pounds. Because of their small size, teacup Yorkies are often considered to be more delicate than their standard-sized counterparts. They are also more prone to health problems, including hypoglycemia, respiratory difficulties, and skeletal abnormalities. As a result, teacup Yorkies often require special care and attention.

So, should you get a teacup Yorkie or a regular size Yorkie? Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the tiny size of teacup Yorkies, while others find them to be too delicate for their liking. There is no right or wrong answer – it’s simply a matter of what you’re looking for in a pet. Remember even standard-size Yorkies can have the same type of health problems listed above.

2. How to tell if you’re getting a Teacup Yorkie

It really all comes down to size. Most professionals agree that the term teacup means under 5 lbs full grown but please keep in mind that this term isn’t accepted by AKC and is only used to describe a smaller than the standard size of the breed.

When it comes to Yorkies, there are two schools of thought – you either want a toy-sized pooch or a more moderately sized dog. And within those categories, you have the choice of going with a true Yorkshire Terrier or one of the smaller iterations, known as a “teacup” Yorkie. So, how do you know if a teacup Yorkie is right for you? Here are some pros and cons to consider.

– They’re as close as you can get to carrying around a living, breathing teddy bear. Teacup Yorkies max out at around 4 pounds, making them one of the smallest breeds of dogs.
– They’re relatively low maintenance when it comes to grooming.
– They tend to be pretty quiet dogs, which can be ideal if you live in an apartment or condo and don’t want to deal with a lot of noise.
– They form strong bonds with their owners and are very loyal companions.
– Despite their small size, they still have plenty of personality.

– Their small



3. The benefits of owning a Teacup Yorkie

There are pros and cons to owning any type of dog, but there are some specific benefits that come with owning a Teacup Yorkie. First of all, Teacup Yorkies are very small, which makes them easy to take care of and easy to transport. They don’t need a lot of space, and they don’t require a lot of exercise. This makes them a good choice for people who live in small apartments or who travel frequently.

Additionally, Teacup Yorkies are very affectionate and loving dogs. They make great companions and they bond quickly with their owners. However, there are some downsides to owning a Teacup Yorkie as well. Because they are so small, they are more fragile than other dogs and they are prone to health problems. They also require more care and attention than larger dogs.

Overall, whether or not a Teacup Yorkie is the right type of dog for you depends on your lifestyle and your preferences. But if you’re looking for a small, loving companion, a Teacup Yorkie might be a perfect choice.

4. What to look for when buying a Teacup Yorkie

When it comes to choosing a Yorkshire Terrier, there are two main options: the standard Yorkie and the Teacup Yorkie. Both types of dogs have their pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before making a decision. Standard Yorkies are a good choice for families with children, as they are typically friendly and energetic. They also don’t require as much care as Teacup Yorkies, which makes them a good option for busy families.

However, Standard Yorkies can be prone to separation anxiety, so they may not be the best choice for families who often travel. Teacup Yorkies are much smaller than Standard Yorkies, making them a good choice for people who live in small apartments or who want a companion that can easily be carried around. They are also generally less active than Standard Yorkies, so they may be a good choice for people who don’t have a lot of time for exercise. However, Teacup Yorkies can be difficult to potty train and may require more attention than other types of dogs.

5. How to take care of your Teacup Yorkie

Yorkies are one of the most popular dog breeds due in large part to their small size and lively personality. Teacup Yorkies are an even smaller version of this already diminutive breed, and they often come with a higher price tag. But is a Teacup Yorkie the right dog for you? Here are some things to consider before making your decision.

One of the main pros of owning a Teacup Yorkie is that they are very portable, making them ideal for city-dwellers or people who travel frequently. They also don’t require a lot of exercise, so they can be a good fit for those with a busy lifestyle. However, there are also some potential downsides to owning a Teacup Yorkie. Because they are so small, they can be easily injured and are more prone to health problems. They also tend to be high-maintenance, and their tiny size can make them difficult to potty train. So, before you decide to buy a Teacup Yorkie, be sure to do your research and weigh the pros and cons carefully.

6. Training your Teacup Yorkie

When it comes to training your Teacup Yorkie, there are pros and cons to consider. On the one hand, Teacup Yorkies are intelligent and easily trainable. They are also very small, making them easy to carry around and take with you on the go. However, Teacup Yorkies can also be stubborn and hard to potty train. They are also very fragile, and their small size makes them vulnerable to injury. As a result, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of training your Teacup Yorkie before making a decision.


Conclusion: Yorkie vs Teacup Yorkie- which is the best for you? In order to make an informed decision, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each. The Yorkie is a larger dog and requires more exercise; on the other hand, the teacup Yorkie is tiny and doesn’t need as much activity. If you have small children or live in a small home, the teacup may be a better choice; but if you don’t mind having a little bit of extra work to keep your pup active and healthy, go with the Yorkie. Ultimately, whichever breed of Yorkshire Terrier you choose, make sure to provide plenty of love and attention!